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The Midwest Video Awards are based on music videos/films entered for judging in various presentation and technical categories. The key Rules and Conditions are detailed below.


  • Name – The presentation is based on judging competiting entries and is termed the Midwest Video Music Awards (MWVM).
  • Closing Date – All entries must be received no later than the closing date of March 1, 2014.
  • Entrants – Entry is open to all. entrants are eligible. The entrant does not need to be the performer, director or producer of the music video entered. Contest judges, organisers and employees of sponsors or their agents are ineligible to enter.
  • Independent – Music Videos must be produced independently of a major recording label. That is, funding and ownership of the music video must be from other sources, such as the performer, supporters, education institutions, friends, the video/film maker, etc.
  • Entry Theme – Compositions are open to all videos that have predominantly music backing with preference towards videos made specifically to promote this same music and are unanimously recognised as being a music video by competition judges.
  • Accuracy – Accuracy of entry information is entirely the responsibility of the entrant. Competition organisers, judges and sponsors cannot be held responsible for omissions or inaccuracies.
  • Entry Fee – An application fee of $25.50 per entry must accompany each music video submitted. Applications without this fee will be disqualified. payment must be made to “Midwest Video Music Awards LLC” the administrator of the awards. 1 payment for multiple entries accepted. Application fees contribute to the administrative and production cost of this competition.
  • Copyright – Copyright of submitted materials remain the property of the original music video owner(s). Entrants indemnify the Competition organisers against any claim or loss resulting from non-compliance with copyright laws.
  • Promotional Use – By entering, the entrant agrees that entry materials may be used by the Midwest Video Music Awards (MWVM) for promotional purposes. This may include placing samples of the music video on the organiser’s and other websites, production of promotional compilation DVDs and broadcast at competition screenings and awards.
  • Judging – All entries will be rendered anonymous and numbered prior to judging. The judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into subsequent to announcement of final awards. The organisers & judges reserve the right to disqualify entries that do not comply with these Rules & Conditions. 11. Notification Of Results – All entrants will be notified of competition results in writing by March 5,2014 to the email or facsimile address supplied.
  • Languages – Music videos can be submitted in any language.
  • Technical Requirements – Video should be in MP4,MOV,WMV,
  • Number of Entries – There is no limit to the number of entires that may be submitted, with the provision of one entry and entry fee per application form. For more than one entry copy this form – do not put more than one entry on each entry form.
  • Return Of Entries – Entered material will not be returned. Music videos will be destroyed after the competition concludes, with the sole exception being entries retained for promotional purposes. 16. Missing Entries – The organisers take no responsibility for entries misdirected, lost, stolen or not received.
  • Required Entry Materials: (i) Video Recordings: must be in DVD format – multiple music video files per DVD or USB are allowed. Each music video must not exceed 10 minutes in duration. The disc non-playing surface or USB must clearly state Title, Performer, Time Duration, Contact Telephone (ii) Entry Fee $25.50 per music video. (iii) Completed Application Form.
  • Any video over  4 minutes will be considered a film short




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