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To submit a video, fill out the form below, give us a link to where your video is placed. YouTube, Vimeo, etc. for your video to be considered for nomination. After  your video has been approved it will then be passed on to the talent committee of industry professionals, were they will critique your video for production and creative quality. Submission of your video does not guarantee that it will or will not make it into the finals and live show, however by you submitting your work, puts you in the voting to have your video/film considered for the Midwest Music Video Award Show,date and venue TBA  A.S.A.P.    as soon as we receive your video and submission information. Thank you and goodluck!

To submit an entry in more than one category, simply complete the form below, and check the categories you’d like to be considered for.  To add another entry, click the button of chose button on the form. When finished submitting your entries, click the “Submit” button.Attaching a description is required and helps the judges in the judging process.

*We reserve the right to refuse video submission

All  entrants please provide details on the relevant YouTube link, Title, Performer, Music Video Director, Music Video/film Production House (if different name from the director). Remember the music video can not be paid for by a major label or their affiliates in any way. If your music video or film is paid through other forms of sponsorship, fundraising or your family & friends pockets that is ok!

Artistry has its Awards.Find your fans at The MWVM Awards and enter your work now.

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