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Deidre (AKA Dee-Dee) Davis

Detroit, Michigan

Dee-Dee grew up on the west side of Detroit. She began writing and singing songs at the early age of twelve.  She loved listening to the Motown sound, Big Band, Jazz, the Blues and Rock; which was a personal favorite of hers. From this influence, she developed a unique vocal sound, Urban Soul, which has been compared to the likes of Nancy Wilson, Marlena Shaw and Phyllis Hyman.

In the late 90’s Dee-Dee was introduced to the late Dr. Teddy Harris Jr. who was an internationally acclaimed pianist, saxophonist, arranger, composer and teacher. Their musical friendship lead Teddy to become her instructor and mentor.  His words of encouragement motivated her to pursue her musical ambitions.  Dr. Harris once said to her “I see great potential in you”.  It was a great honor for her to receive such high praise from an extraordinarily accomplished musician.

Dee-Dee’s first solo performance was at the historic Baker’s Keyboard Lounge, in Detroit, where Doctor Harris often played.  This was the start of her musical career.  She began singing Top 40 cover tunes at many private events in the Detroit area, as well as, in Nashville and Atlanta.

In 2003 Miss Davis was introduced to a very successful and talented Detroit producer, Millard Thomas Jr.  He is known for producing Gospel and R&B artists all around the United States.  Mill (as his associates refer to him) produced and helped arrange the music for Dee-Dee’s songs; three of her most popular being I Am, Smile and Black Bird, which is a jazzy tune with a Salsa flair.

In 2009, Miss Davis decided it was time to release her songs to the public. In October, a CD release party was held at HD Sound Studios in Oak Park, Michigan that featured Dee-Dee’s music.  Over 200 supporters and listeners were in attendance, rendering the event a huge success. With the help of a promoter, she introduced her music to 107.5 FM’s radio personality, Mason.  After listening to it, he likened her voice to that of the legendary R&B singer Phyllis Hyman. In fact, he was so impressed that he soon approached her about doing a tribute to Phyllis Hyman. Unfortunately this project wasn’t to be, as it wasn’t the right time for Dee-Dee.

A few years later she was asked by a friend to perform at his brother’s wedding. Due to short notice, she initially declined. However, as persuasive as friends can often be, he made her an offer she couldn’t refuse and so she accepted. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed her performance, so much so that her friend offered encouragement and help to pursue her singing career more aggressively.

Soon after, she was introduced to a well known, popular Detroit musician and bass guitarist, Ralph Armstrong who heard her music and invited another producer.  To her surprise this second gentleman, Michael J. Powell, was the Grammy Award winning producer for R&B artist Anita Baker. After hearing her music, Michael had to meet Miss Davis; his first words were, “You look like a star already!”.  Since September 2012, Michael and Dee-Dee have been working on her upcoming new CD.  It features her much anticipated single, Smile.

With the mentoring of Michael Powell, the encouragement of family, friends and followers and the blessings of God, she is on her way to stardom.

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