Vote:(Best Conscious Video)21/22

One thought on “SHAE, DJ PACC MANN – LET’S KISS Cat:(Best Conscious Video)21/22

  1. To me, what inspires me most about this video is the fact that the thought process behind the production of this. See this video is not just a cut on the camera and shoot. This video in my personal opinion has so much depth. So much thought was put into this. We are at an all time high with a gender war and aggression towards each other with the likes of Kevin Samuel and Feminism, MGTOW and so many other movements with men and women going there own way, that videos like this is refreshing and humanized. Kissing is what made us human. All the different forms of kissing reminds us of what it felt to be human. Hell……even Gangsta’s and Mafia kissed!!!!! Out of pure respect. You have to acknowledge the validation of music videos like this. This is not normal in today’s society and deserves acknowledement and reward. I hope a video like this at least gets acknowledged.

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