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goodtimes roll

5 thoughts on “Lady Champagne Let The Good Time Roll Cat:Best live Performance Vid)

  1. This is Jabiya Dragonsun a Jacksonville Florida conga player and percussionist, to put it out there the way it is I have played a few night with this amazing band and OMG I love the energy and passion that Lady Champagne fill the stage with raw blues that truly lets the good time roll. I look always look forward to being in their presents rather I am there for a relaxing night out with my mate or to play a few songs with her and the guys as guess musician. This is surely a band worth taking the time to go hear.

  2. Lady Champagne is a very professional and extraordinary exciting blues entertainer. Very strong soulful singer with a powerful voice that we capture the audience attention every time she sing. 2014 blues winner and was inducted into the Detroit blues hall of fame. And also Winner For 2014 blues singer of the year from the Detroit black music award. Always put on a fantastic show or concert. Catch her every Saturday night at Bert’s Market Place located at 2727 Russell Street between Mack and Gratiot in the Easter Market District. A show that will have you popping your fingers and leave you with a smile. We all love her and will tell the hold world to go check her out.

  3. This lady is a pro. She has been giving inspirational performances for many years. We all love her and no two performances are ever the same. She excels at giving the audience respect and love.
    We love you LADY CHAMPAGNE

  4. Best ever….yet not even her BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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