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Cat(Best Video Podcast) 19/2020

15 thoughts on “The Morning Coffee Show Cat(Best Video Podcast)21/22

  1. The Morning Coffee show is the BEST. I love the music Juan Johnson plays. I listen to it every day from UK and I just LOVE it!

    • THE MORNING COFFEE SHOW is not just a music-playing viewing; it’s a LIVE EXPERIENCE! Juan Johnson has turned a usually mundane daily routine into an odyssey of music, characters and topical genre expressions that draw the listener in and makes them a part of the Show!
      Graphics, on par! Presentation, excellent! And his music selection draws artist from endless genre’s and breaks them into the industry because of ones desire to play Detroit-Based music that most people have no idea about! Now he Show REALLY IS WORLD-WIDE, as he gathers artists and audiences Internationally!
      TMCS and Love Monkey says they deserve to win! He has my vote!!!

  2. I just LOVE The Morning Coffee Show he Always Waking me up with some Jammmzzz whenever I’m listening to him. Juan Johnson himself as a person is so awesome always playing our Song’s we request #1 onemediaworldradio ❤️

  3. Yes The Morning Coffee Show Just Get’s me Going From 7am to 11am Nothing But Joy And That Monkey

  4. I love the morning coffee show cause he plays all kind of music I love them all he is the most kind and warmth person I talk to on the show love every person that comes in the show ❤️

  5. Keep up The Great Work Honey I Love You and Listening to the Show every Morning!!

  6. Good Morning Sunshine Juan Johnson I’m up and ready I need my Morning Coffee Show ☕ And my DANCING MONEY

  7. I love the morning coffee show cause he plays awesome songs and he the most kind and warmth person I know on the show♥️

  8. I’ve been voting and voting and voting this is elusive LOL ❤️❤️

  9. I love the morning coffee show cause he plays the best awesome songs and I met beautiful people in there love it and Juan is the most kind and warmth person I talk to in that show ♥️

  10. What’s not to love about the Morning Coffee Show! #MyCoffee2020 Juan Johnson is the the best! you get to talk to the artist’s on his show and I’m the Morning greeter in the morning Coffee Show #MyCoffee2020 Juan Johnson plays all artists from all over the world not only that he even gives interviews

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