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Although the general public determines the winner of said award, the nominees are chosen by the talent committee of the Midwest West Video Awards. Below you may find the criteria for the Midwest Video Music  “People’s Choice” Award.


  1. We will choose artist who are deemed most popular through their art.

  2. Again, the MWVMAwards talent committee will choose the nominees, yet the public will determine the winner.

  3. Things we look for

    1. How well the artist promotes themselves and their careers.

    2. How large of a fan base they have.

    3. How popular they are in the indie music community.

    4. We will also take note of how many votes they currently have for the award in which they have been chosen for.

    5. Additionally, we will also make note of their online presence.


46 thoughts on “The People Will Pick The Winners!

  1. i would like to vote for Matt Williams Your make her Cry for best music video the vote button won’t load

  2. Voting for Matt William keep trying to reload page but it is not working…. Sure he and others are missing out on votes… Please fix. Thank you

  3. Matt is the most humble, amazing artist out there today!! He’s a God fearing family man and veteran!!! Thanks for all you do, hope you win you DESERVE this and so much more !!

  4. I voted for Matt Williams because he is the real deal !! He is a talented artists he plays guitar drums piano and writes his own music and is a natural performer who connects with his songs and , audience if you meet him you’ll see what I mean

  5. I love Matt Williams music. He is genuine and his songs go straight to my heart. Hands down he is the best.

  6. Matt I said that you were a Shining Star since the first time you appeared on FB, and now you are Shining So Bright ⭐ Good Luck

  7. I am voting for Matt Williams 1000%. He is an Awesome singer. You make her cry video is a great video

  8. Voting for Matt Williams .He truly loves his profession. Beautiful voice and true country. He deserves to win.

  9. I Would Love For Matt Williams To Win. His Music Is Unbelievable I Can Honestly Say His Music I Can Listen To And Relate To. Matt Williams I Hope Your Always On #1 Charts ❤❤

  10. I would like to vote for Matt Williams you’ll make her cry music and video

  11. I would like Matt Williams he is great hid music and voice God diff.gave him his voice and talent

  12. I voted for Matt Williams! He is the next great artist in County music!!!

  13. Matt Williams gets my vote! I’ve tried reloading the page but it’s not working. Please fix this.

  14. Been following Matt Williams since the very beginning when he played on his piano at home. He is an amazing song writer and singer. Best of all believes in God and our country!! Hope you win Matt!!

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