WHY DO MEN CHEAT? THE MOVIE 2012 - Unauthorized movie trailer in HD - starring Alex Thomas, Cherie Johnson, Sandy "Pepa" Denton, Bobo Lamb, Damon Williams, Wynn Sarden, Kellita Scott, JoJuan Westmoreland, Catherine Martinez, Dezmond Cortez, Wayne A. Kinney, Cherry Sparks, Micheala Hernandez Synopsis - Ken Baker Jr. directs this amazing independent docudrama that takes an honest look at why men cheat. The film combines personal commentary of both men and women with dramatic enactments of some real life scenarios, to reveal how three couples managed to either build a mutually beneficial relationship or seek solace elsewhere. www.whydomencheatthemovie.com Director: Ken Baker Jr. Writers: Ken Baker Jr., Tamekia Dobbs, Lauren Johnson Executive Producers: Delano Glass, Ken Baker Jr. Producers: Ken Baker Jr., Tamekia Dobbs, Janaya Black, Lauren Johnson, Cliniquka McCall, Christina Hernandez-Cox, Marshalle Montgomery, Rockey Black

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